1:1 Grape

1:1 Grape


1:1 THC/CBD (Indica)

Introducing BOB’s 1:1 Grape Cartridge. We have the best time together, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing. We go together like peanut butter and jelly! You get my heavy hitting Indica personality along with CBD’s awesome healing vibes which make for a great entourage! If you’re needing some friends to lean on, we’ve got you covered.

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Nice Bob’s Vape Cartridge – Battery Not Included

1:1 Grape: THC Indica Dominant & Full Spectrum CBD

.5g and 1g cartridges

THC Content: 45 %

Full Spectrum CBD: 45%

Ingredients: THC and natural terpenes ONLY! NO VEA/ NO PG/ NO PEG

Made with Verified®: Verified’s glass vape cartridges are designed to deliver unparalleled performance for both thick and thinner oils. The strong quartz glass construction appeals to oil producers and avid vapers who demand performance.

Verified® Vapes’ products have been manufactured in facilities that are ISO certified and meet GMP standards. With Verified® products, you can brand your own vape pen or vape pen battery with materials that exceed North American standards for heavy metals testing and are lead-free.

.5g, 1g


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