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Whether you are a sativa user, an indica enthusiast, or a hybrid fan, we have the perfect cannabis flower for you. Our flowers are grown and processed in the best conditions and methods to ensure the best marijuana experience. Take your pick below.


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The cannabis flower is one of the most popular and most versatile forms. It can be smoked with a bong or pipe, or rolled in a blunt or joint. Otherwise known as nug, nugget or bud, they are usually placed in a grinder before use to ensure a more even burn.

Users looking to minimize their impact on the environment and their body can benefit well from using cannabis flower. Compared to other forms of consumed marijuana, flowers have stronger effects, better flavor and aroma, contains no toxins.

Flower is mostly smoked by blunt and joint – quick, convenient and universally recognized. Some prefer pipes and bongs because it is a less fussy. A newer type of consuming flower is with vaporizers. It is less harsh and prevents users from inhaling combusted material.
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