Blu Berri

Blu Berri

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Relationship status: It’s complicated
Body type: Chased after
Ethnicity: Really Mixed
Profession: Travel writer

Second language: Love
Interests: Sleeping, chilling, tight friendships

Favourite food: Blueberries

Indica Dominant Hybrid


My name is Blu Berri

Pretty much a creature of the night, I have a bit of a mixed background as I was conceived during a three-way in the late 70’s. It was Thailand or Afghanistan, no one seems to know for sure. My bet is Afghanistan because I can get pretty mellow. If we hang out, I’m going to tell you right now, don’t plan on accomplishing anything. Seriously. Netflix and chill? Hands off my jam, bitch.



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Blu Berri: Indica Dominant Hybrid

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.5g, 1g

2 reviews for Blu Berri

  1. steve lucky


    hands down my favorite! best price around too, not sure if i taste blue berry so much, more like jolly rancher watermelon hints an something else sweet.. definitely hits hard be careful.

  2. Benjamin leclair

    Benjamin Leclair

    Fast delivery, good products!

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