Distillation is a technique for creating cannabis extracts that are pure on a molecular level. The process not only creates a very pure cannabis extraction, but also leaves out the necessity for using solvents to bind with marijuana products.


Distillate is a marijuana extract made through the distillation of cannabis oil, which can then be made into any kind of marijuana oil. In the process, all unwanted parts and impurities of the plant are removed. High grade distillates are made by chemists in laboratories.

The main benefit of distillate is that it is very potent, as it is devoid of everything except for the desired cannabinoid. Users consuming a THC distillate is bound to get very high, while those using CBD distillate can tap into its therapeutic effects without the high.

Distillates mostly comes packed in small syringes, making it easy to transport and manipulate. There are many ways distillate can be used, but the most common is by dabbing. It can also be used as a sublingual drop, and is stronger when used this way.
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