Apply CBD topicals on your skin for health and wellness

Get relief from any pain, inflammation and soreness with our high quality CBD topicals. Thanks to topicals, you can now get immediate relief by applying lotions and ointments on your skin. We have balms, creams and bath salts for you.



Bath & Body

Relax CBD Bath Soak


Bath & Body

Yoni Soothe Balm


Bath & Body

Mota CBD Lip Balm


Bath & Body

Mota Green Balm 4oz


Aside from consuming through vaping or smoking, cannabis can also be applied on the skin in the form of topicals. Topicals offer a safe and easy way of usingmedical cannabis. Its effect do not spread throughout the body, and will only affect the applied part.

Cannabis-infused creams, oils and ointments treat symptoms like pain, inflammation, irritation and muscle soreness. Recent research have also shown that they can also help with migraines, cramps, muscle spasms and headaches.

Because of their non-psychoactive effects, they are best for users who are looking to experience the health benefits of medical marijuana without experiencing the high that one gets from eating or smoking cannabis.
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