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A Few Healthy Benefits of Shatter That You Need to Know

Healthy Benefits of Shatter

A Few Healthy Benefits of Shatter That You Need to Know


Cannabis concentrates are not new. Hash, for example, has been around for a very long time and was popular back in the 1960s. Shatter is a form of butane hash oil (BHO), a potent solvent-extracted concentrate. 

Shatter, and other concentrates have gained popularity in cannabis culture, especially over the past decade. It is often a more seasoned cannabis consumer who seeks out shatter and other concentrates. If that sounds interesting to you. Good news! In Canada, you can buy shatter online. 

A Quick Note on Concentrates Like Shatter 


If using cannabis as medicine is a new experience for you, it is worth noting that concentrates contain a higher percentage of THC than cannabis flower. You can take a small amount of concentrate, in this case, a “dab,” but this might still be a bit stronger than you are used to. A little concentrate, from wax to sugar to shatter, does go a very long way for the newbie dabber.

What Is Shatter & How Is it Made?

Shatter is a hard, golden or amber-coloured concentrate that is typically consumed by “dabbing.” Dabbing with a dab-rig, heats a solid shatter so it can be inhaled as a vapour. 


The texture of shatter is like hard candy, and it is produced through solvent extraction, always using butane. Professionally produced shatters have all of the butane purged from the finished product, resulting in a product that is mainly cannabinoids. Shatter looks almost glass-like, and as the name suggests, it can shatter if dropped or pressurized. 

Like other concentrates, you can buy shatter online in Canada. It can be found in categories as broad as sativa, indica or hybrid, or as a single strain selection. We always recommend buying shatter from a trusted online dispensary. 

Why? Producing a high-quality product that delivers a consistent experience requires:

  • Adherence to safety guidelines, since the solvents used in extraction are flammable
  • Knowledge of chemistry
  • Commitment to creating clean products 

What Are the Rumours About Shatter?


Shatter, which is an incredible product with some fantastic benefits, has received some bad press. There have been some stories in the press pointing away from the benefits of shatter. 

The bad press results from the potential dangers if safety guidelines aren’t in place. The way shatter is consumed may look strange at first blush, and some have been quick to judge this clear, brittle cannabis concentrate. 

While some people like to extract their concentrates at home, that is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Our suggestion: leave manufacturing to the professionals and buy shatter online in Canada from a trusted source. 

Beyond what can go wrong in a lab, making it at home without the proper equipment to test and measure cannabinoid, terpene and solvent residue leaves questions about purity, strength, and contaminants from any remaining residual solvent.  

The Benefits of Shatter for Patients

To clear up some of the mysteries and misconceptions about shatter, let’s have a look at how it can support those who use it. Here are some of the benefits it offers: 


  • Potency and efficiency
  • Fast onset 
  • Convenience 
  • Affordability 
  • Shelf-stable

Let’s take a more in-depth look at these benefits to learn more about why patients choose to consume shatter. 

Why Do Patients Prefer Shatter Over Flower? 

Patients prefer to use shatter over flower for a few reasons. Because shatter is potent and efficient, those who use it medicinally can experience fast relief. 

Cannabis flower is not as potent as shatter, making shatter a better option for some needing greater relief. Cannabis concentrates like shatter usually offer 50 to 80 percent potency. Cannabis flowers are typically 10 to 25 percent potency. 

Like smoking bud, dabbing shatter is a quick way to experience the effects, but with a much more intense experience in a single inhale. 

When it comes to using shatter as medicine, people with many medical conditions choose to use it, especially chronic conditions.  Some of the popular medical applications include:

  • Pain
  • Stress 
  • Depression

Shatter’s Effects Are Fast

Patients with a variety of conditions use shatter, specifically those suffering from chronic pain. When people suffer from chronic pain, it can interrupt everything: mood, emotions, well-being, focus, mindset, relationships and overall ability to function. 

Fast relief for debilitating pain can be life-changing for those who are suffering. 

Shatter Offers a Smokeless Experience

Dabbing shatter offers a smokeless experience. No smoke means that shatter is a cleaner experience for the lungs. A bonus side benefit is that the equipment used stays cleaner, too. Concentrates like shatter do not build up the tar-like residue that builds up inside bongs from cannabis flower. 

No smoke also means little to no odour. Those who wish to be discreet about using marijuana for medicinal purposes can do so with concentrates. It can be easy to slip out and take one quick inhale of shatter to experience relief, especially during times of Covid-19 when families and children are around.

Shatter is Affordable

For those using shatter, it can be healthy on the wallet too. It is one of the less expensive concentrates as well, making it accessible.  Since only a “dab” is required to experience its benefits, a small amount can last for an extended period. 

There are many ways to buy shatter in Canada, and it can be found online here. What’s more? Shatter is shelf-stable, meaning it will last longer without growing mold or spoiling.

Who Is Shatter Ideal For? 

In the past ten years, the world of concentrates has greatly expanded.  Innovation in science has allowed for safer products to be tested and created. 

Studies like this one have found that concentrates like shatter show patients use it more than recreational users. While more information is needed, this suggests that people are using concentrates for medicinal purposes. 

Shatter tends to be ideal for those who are: 

  • In need of quick relief from symptoms such as pain, depression and stress.
  • Experienced cannabis consumers who are looking for a more potent high.
  • Those who are curious about concentration and want to experience something different.

Scientific study is ongoing, so doctors and medical professionals who recommend medicinal cannabis may not have concentrates like shatter at the top of their list. That is fair because shatter is not for everyone. It’s highly concentrated, and may be too strong for some patients and conditions.

Further to this, “ Empirical studies, in general, suggest that vaporizing commercially produced concentrates does lessen the consumption of byproducts and lead to purer dosing.” If more people are indeed using shatter medicinally, this quote highlights the importance of guidelines for consistency and purity for shatter and other concentrates. 

Is Shatter the Right Concentrate For Me? 

When choosing a concentrate, always weigh the pros and cons of your health. Ask for information. Companies that manufacture good quality shatter will offer information about the product on the label or product description. This information includes potency, purity, and whether the product is Sativa, indica or a hybrid. 

To recap, here are some benefits of shatter we explored: 

  • Potency and efficiency.
  • Fast onset, especially for chronic pain.
  • Convenience as it is quick, smokeless and has little to no odour.
  • It’s affordable.

If shatter is the best option for you, ask your medical practitioner for support and if they need more information, point them to some resources and experts. When choosing your product, you can also contact the company where you buy shatter online in Canada to ask a budtender for a recommendation on their favourite.

And, for those who are curious about shatter and prefer not to dabble with dabbing, you can choose to enjoy shatter added to a joint for a more concentrated medicinal experience or a higher high.