Mac Miller (Hybrid)

Mac Miller (Hybrid)


MAC Miller is a rather rare an unknown strain to most with very little information available.  What we know is this Indica Dominant Hybrid strain is said to be crossed with the popular MAC (Miracle animal cookies) and The White.  The strain has a sweet, citrusy aroma with hints of floral and pine.  The effects hit more on the Indica side, offering a relaxed, sedative high accompanied by with happy, uplifting feelings.

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Mac Miller: Indica Dominant Hybrid

60% Indica 40% Sativa

Origin: MAC / The White

THC : 16-24%

CBD: <1%

Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Hungry, Sedative

Medical: Stress, Pain, Nausea, Anxiety

Flavors: Sweet, Pine, Citrus, Floral

Grade: AAAA


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