Eir Microdose Kit

Eir Microdose Kit


This gorgeously crafted box serves as the perfect centerpiece and aid for creating ceremony and intention, which have been shown to profoundly enhance results. One of the biggest challenges with Microdosing is getting the right dose, too much can throw off your day, not enough just isn’t effective. This kit features an exquisitely ornate silver spoon allowing for tailor made precision dosing with 25mg per scoop

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Allow is the experimental kit. You get to use it to find what does works for you


Bringing awareness to the moment through ritual acts can leave you feeling more grounded, spiritually connected and aligned with your values, creating inner clarity and increased emotional stability.


Bring your attention to the things you need to embrace or change about your habits, behaviour and environment, in order to get closer to your authentic self.


We encourage you to develop your reflective abilities . They will naturally assist your process of integration which consists of identifying threads of significance and the fabric they comprise all-together


Allow, Surrender, Bloom, Integrate


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