Blueberry Wedding Cake (Hybrid)

Blueberry Wedding Cake (Hybrid)


Blueberry Wedding Cake is a newer strain that’s unique and absolutely delicious.  It’s a slightly Indica dominant strain that is a cross between Blueberry Kush and Wedding Cake – two heavy hitting famous strains from the west coast of North America.  The aromas reflect the name pretty well as it welcomes users with sweet, berry, and cake aromas that translates to a sweet, earthy taste.  As for effects, users will feel a clear minded focus paired with a creeping body buzz, leaving users in a laidback and creative mood. The body high is not too heavy, allowing you to still be focused, functional and creative and enjoyed anytime!  However, heavy intakes may lead to couch lock and a serious case of munchies depending on tolerance.

Earn up to 149 Points.

Blueberry Wedding Cake: Hybrid

60% Indica 40% Sativa

Origin: Blueberry Kush / Wedding Cake

THC : 16-23%

CBD: <1%

Effects: Relaxing, Creative, Uplifting, Calmness

Medical: Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia

Flavors: Sweet, Berries, Vanilla, Earthy

Grade: AAAA


1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz


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