Black Cherry Cheesecake (Hybrid)

Black Cherry Cheesecake (Hybrid)


Black Cherry Cheesecake is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through a tasty three-way cross of the infamous Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze and Cheese strains.  Although the exact Indica to sativa ratio of this flavorful bud is best guessed at 70/30, the effects tend to be very well-balanced in nature.  This strain leaves users relatively clear-headed and relaxed while providing strong, sedating body sensations that can make motivation difficult for some.  You can detect aromas and flavors of sweet berries topped with pungent cheese and cherries.  This bud has large green nugs that almost appear to be black with rich purple undertones and a thick frosty coating of tiny lavender colored crystal trichomes.

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Black Cherry Cheesecake: Indica Dominant Hybrid

70% Indica 30% Sativa

Origin: Black Cherry Soda/Super Silver Haze/Cheese

THC : 17% – 21%

CBD: <1%

Effects: Happy, Creative, Hungry, Relaxing,

Uses: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, PMS, Appetite

Flavors:  Sweet, Berry, Cheese, Herbal

Grade: AAAA


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