Once you have filled in the form, your application will be pending approval. One of our team members will be reviewing your application. Please allow 48h for a response.




Becoming a Rockstar Affiliate!!

Once you get accepted, an email will be sent to you and you can sign in into your account.

As an affiliate you will be able to see on the top menu bar the Affiliate Area button. If you click on that you will be able to see the following:

     Affiliate URLs   Statistics   Graphs   Referrals   Payouts   Visits   Creatives  Settings

Each tab will provide information about your unique link, how much traffic you brought through your link, the payouts history, how much of the traffic you brought converted into a payout, and some visuals you can download and use.

To give incentive to your audience to buy, we will provide you with a unique coupon code that gives them 15% off and 3 times the Herbal Halo points to NEW customers on their first purchase!

When posting you can either use the unique URL or the unique coupon code. They both track the same thing and it will add up to your payouts.

The coupon code will be created by one of our team members and sent to you separately via email.

Every NEW purchase done through your unique URL or coupon code you get 15% cash payment via e-transfer which is paid out once a month. Your total earnings must be at a minimum $100 before you can receive your pay out at 15%.




You can request to receive 20% of your earnings to use towards purchasing product on Herbalhalo.com instead of receiving the cash payout.

All you have to do is create an order, as if you were to normally order on our website and that will be attributed to your earnings.

If the order you make exceeds your earnings for that month, we will discount your earning from the order total, and you have to pay the outstanding amount via e-transfer.

You have to accumulate a minimum of $100 in earnings BEFORE you can request your 20% off on the site! This will be available once per month.

We will review Affiliate accounts every 3 months as the coupon codes will be set to expire at this time. Coupon codes will last for 3 months and then readjusted once you have been reviewed.

If we find that your affiliate program is not generating enough revenue and you are sitting at a low payout, under $100, for multiple months, you will be removed from the program.

We are a Canadian owned company that will only accept Affiliates that are located within Canada. We are not able to ship or send payment outside of Canada.

Terms and agreements are subject to change at our discretion.


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